The Best Viking Costume Accessories for a Fierce Look

Horned Helmets

Perhaps the most iconic piece of Viking apparel is the horned helmet. While not historically accurate, they add an extra layer of intimidation to any Viking costume. You can find these helmets in a range of materials, including lightweight plastic and sturdy metal. A word of caution – if you’re planning to wear this helmet for a prolonged period, opt for one with foam padding on the interior to prevent discomfort.

Fur Cloaks

Vikings typically lived in colder climates, and fur cloaks were a practical yet stylish way to stay warm. You can find faux fur options for a cruelty-free costume accessory. Look for ones with metal clasps for an extra touch of authenticity. A fur cloak can be worn with any Viking costume, from a simple tunic to a full suit of armor.

The Best Viking Costume Accessories for a Fierce Look 1

Braided Wigs

Long, braided hair was a common hairstyle for Viking men and women. However, growing your hair out and braiding it can take time and effort. A braided wig is an excellent solution for those who want the look without the commitment. Look for one with soft, realistic hair fibers and a comfortable cap. A wig can be worn with or without a helmet, depending on the overall look you’re going for.

Leather Gauntlets

As skilled warriors, Vikings needed protective gear for their hands during battle. Leather gauntlets are a practical and stylish addition to any Viking costume. Opt for ones with metal or fur accents for added interest. Leather gauntlets can be worn alone or over a pair of gloves if you’re going to be outdoors in cooler weather.


For a more authentic Viking look, consider incorporating chainmail into your costume. While a full suit of chainmail can be heavy and expensive, a chainmail coif (a hood that covers the head and neck) or a chainmail shirt can add an extra layer of protection and authenticity to your costume. Look for butted or riveted links for durability.

Belt Buckles

A well-designed belt buckle can tie an entire Viking costume together. Buckles with intricate knotwork or animal motifs are particularly popular. You can also find options with replaceable belt straps, so you can customize your look depending on the occasion. A belt buckle can be worn with a simple leather belt or a more ornate chainmail belt.


No Viking costume would be complete without a weapon. A foam battle axe or sword is a safe and practical option for costumed events, while a metal replica may be better suited for photo shoots or display. Keep in mind that weapons typically require additional safety precautions, such as securing them to your costume or keeping them locked away when not in use.

With these accessories, you’ll be well on your way to a fierce Viking costume. Remember to choose items that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and consider the overall look you’re going for to ensure each accessory complements the others. We’re always striving to provide a comprehensive learning experience. Visit this thoughtfully selected external site and find more details about the subject. Viking Costume Male.

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