Discover the Wonders of Morocco Desert Tours: A Memoir of My Trip

Experience the Serenity of Sahara Desert

As I stepped out of the air-conditioned vehicle, the scorching heat embraced me and welcomed me to the world’s largest hot desert, Sahara. The picturesque and tranquil sand dunes seemed to extend infinitely, as if it was a different world altogether. As I glared at the awe-inspiring sand dunes, I realized all my worldly worries have vanished in a snap. It was as if I had entered a world of peace and calmness where the only sound was the rhythmic footsteps on the soft sand.

The Morocco desert tour is incomplete without visiting Erg Chigaga, zenith of Sahara as it is known, with its orange-hued sand dunes reaching a height of 300 meters. The impeccable view of the magical sunrise and sunset illuminating the desert with shades of red and yellow is a mesmerizing experience. Sleeping under the twinkling stars in the most beautiful sky imaginable while cherishing Berber music and food, cooked with authenticity over the campfire, was truly an experience to remember. Apart from this, visiting Merzouga, the gateway to Moroccan Sahara, is a promising experience with its lively markets, authentic handcrafted goods, and music performances.

Immerse Yourself in the Traditional Culture of Morocco

Immersing in the culture, traditions and lifestyle of the Moroccan people can be described as a spiritual experience, with its contrasting historical grandeur and modern luxuries. From exploring the medinas and souks to picturesque kasbahs and ancient mosques, Morocco sulks you into its charm.

One of the major attractions that Islam comprises in Morocco is the Mosque of Hassan II – a structural marvel, and the third largest mosque globally, constructed at a cost of $800 million. The access to only non-Muslims is a highlight setting it apart from others. Notably, an excursion to the Berber Village in the Atlas Mountains, hiking through its breathtaking panorama, narrating the Berber lifestyle and customs and indulging in the tasteful traditional cuisine can’t be missed.

Feast on the Delicious and Diverse Moroccan Cuisine

At the very heart of Morocco’s culture lies its cuisine which defines Morocco’s unique identity. The country has been influenced by French, Spanish, and Arabic lifestyle, and this influence can be seen in its cuisine as well.

Discover the Wonders of Morocco Desert Tours: A Memoir of My Trip 1

The spice markets of Marrakech, with their array of aromatic smells and blend of flavors, serve as a perfect example for the gastronomical delight Morocco is offering. The traditional Moroccan tagine with lamb, chicken, vegetables, and the spicy chermoula sauce is a marvel prepared in earthen pots which takes you on an exotic journey with its unique blend of herbs and spices such as fresh cilantro, garlic, cumin, paprika, etc., providing a fusion of sweet and sour flavors. If you wish to further expand your knowledge on the subject, be sure to check out this carefully selected external resource we’ve prepared to complement your reading.!


The humbling simplicity of the desert, captivating architecture and grandeur of the ancient cities, melody of traditional music, unparalleled hospitality, and savory cuisine delicacies all combine to make Morocco desert tours surreal. The everlasting memories etched in my heart and mind would lure me to undertake this journey again and again and witness the magic of Morocco. Remember, there is no other place like Morocco!

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