Design Trends for Hardwood Flooring in 2022

Increased use of Eco-Friendly Materials

As society becomes more environmentally conscious, we can expect that trend to extend to home design elements. One of the leading design trends for hardwood flooring in 2022 is the use of eco-friendly materials. This includes options like bamboo, cork, and even reclaimed wood from old buildings and structures. These materials are sustainable, renewable and biodegradable, making them a popular choice for homeowners who want to create beautiful spaces without harming the environment.

Mixed Width Planks

A trend we’ll see more of in 2022 is the use of mixed-width hardwood planks. Instead of using a single width throughout a space, mixed-width planks can create a unique and interesting look, adding texture and depth to the floor design. This trend opens up new design possibilities, as homeowners can choose different widths to create a visually eye-catching focal point.

Matte Finishes

In 2022, shiny, glossy flooring is expected to be replaced a more natural and earthy Matte finishes. The matte finish is increasingly in demand for a more organic and eco-friendly design in the home. They offer a natural, understated elegance that works well with almost any interior design. The beauty of a matte finish is that it hides scratches, dirt, and wear and tear much better than glossy finishes, providing long-lasting beauty for your floors.

Dark Wood and Walnut Colors

Dark wood and walnut colors are gaining popularity once again in 2022, creating a bold and elegant look that instantly adds sophistication and luxury to any space. The dark wood and walnut color trend is perfect for modern and contemporary living spaces and brings a sense of dynamism to the design of floors. It also works well with a variety of interior designs, adding depth and texture to the style of your home.

Wide-Plank Flooring

Wide-plank hardwood floors, with planks that are around 6 inches wide, are becoming more and more popular trends for hardwood flooring. This trend offers a sophisticated, traditional look that is both modern and classic. It’s perfect for homes that have rustic or modern designs, providing homeowners with the versatility to match any interior design. This trend is a time-honored look that promises to be in trend still in 2022 and beyond. Complement your reading and broaden your knowledge of the topic with this specially selected external content. Mayflower Floorings, discover new perspectives and additional information!


Updating your hardwood flooring can add value to your home and breathe new life into your space. Using any of these design ideas will give your room a new level of aesthetics and ambiance. Whether you choose eco-friendly, mixed width, matte finish, dark wood and walnut, wide plank flooring, remember that it’s important to consult the help of professional hardwood flooring experts for a perfect result you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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